Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not much to write home about....

So my service is winding down. Since I returned from my last vacation on January 3rd I have been in my village and won't leave again until the first of next month. All volunteers from my group are being sent to Bangkok for our last medical check-up. While there I also have my last HIV/AIDS GIG meeting. All of this is bittersweet. I know the 6 days in Bangkok will be filled with many "lasts". It will be the last time that we all gather together, play games in the hotel rooms, and take on the town. I'm not sure Bangkok is ready for it!

The money finally came in for the HIV income generation project. Yesterday I held a meeting with the participants at the hospital. My official "counterpart", who to date has not been involved with my projects, came and actually helped out quite a bit. She explained the regulations of the project, how to track receipts and helped me schedule house visits to check the progress of the projects. It is great to have her involved and helping and I hope that she learning a lot from the experience. As we left the meeting, I asked how she felt and she said she felt really good and was glad that I was there to help her country's people. In my last months of service, there is nothing that I would rather hear. We will go on the visits next Thursday, so I hope I will have lots to report after that.

I have a new group of kids for the reading club. They are all in fourth grade and really smart and cute of course. I have been feeling kind of burnt out on this whole endeavor, but every time I see the students my energy is renewed. Instead of focusing solely on reading I have incorporated more speaking and listening activities for this group.

Things are certainly different at home without my host dad. We laugh about funny things that he used to say and remember him everyday. I am so happy that little Pam, my host sister's 8 month-old daughter is around to bring joy to everyone.

As for me, I am filling my days by visiting the office and schools when I want to, reading, and cleaning out my belongings. Though I sometimes get bored, I know I should appreciate this free time and soak up as much of village life as I can. The weather has been great lately too. Though I must admit I am so excited to spend this spring in VA when I return home in April.

As always thanks for reading, and be on the look out for the HIV project progress!

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